YouTube Jazz Piano Education – Recommendations for 2018


recommendations for jazz piano education related YouTube content for 2018


Are you a student of jazz piano and want to expand your palette of content of jazz piano education? Or are you just an admirer of (piano) jazz and are curious where you can find all that nitty and gritty information out there on jazz improvisation and culture. Well with the help of social media technology YouTube has become quite the platform for education and knowledge for good and for bad, mostly good.

In this post I have constructed a list of jazz piano educators that use (among other) YouTube as their platform. I have stressed authencity, pedagogical skills, variety, creativity and approach in my choices. I know there are tons of jazz (piano) educational YouTube channels available and I want to note in advance that this is strictly my personal subjective list and in no means undermines any other channels that one might feel are closer to their style of learning. In the end of the list I have a separate list of related channels that didn’t quite make the list or fit the niche exactly. The numbering of the channels has no meaning – no one channel is better than the other. I hope you get to find at least a few new teachers and channels!

Sibiljazzpiano’s list of YouTube jazz piano related educational channels for 2018:
  1. Dave Frank

Dave Frank is an amazing jazz pianist and jazz music and history educator based in the jazz capital of the world – New York. He is a very skilled artist with an impeccable sense of rhythm and subdivisions all learned in part from the great Lennie Tristano himself. Aside for being a monster player he is a very talented educator and knows how to approach his target audience in a clear and precise matter. His teaching is very calculated and Dave knows the steps needed to teach for one to master the art form. Rhythmic and subdivision plays a great deal in his teaching and approach to the art form. On top of that he is quite interactive and a very approachable person. The kind that is born to be an amazing educator to go along with being a New York jazz giant. His lessons tend to be longer masterclasses but he has divided them into sections appropriately. Definitely check him out!

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Example lesson:

  1. Aimee “Aimee Nolte Music” Nolte

Aimee Nolte is a jazz pianist, singer and teacher based in Los Angeles. She has the heart of teacher in her and one can see that straight away. She is also very professional in her approach and understands the approach needed to distinguish herself from the mass. She uses social trends references and has a “vlog” approach to some of her content, filming outside, in her car or even on a skateboard sometimes. Apart for being a great educator she is an extremely good pianist and singer. She has the “sing what you hear before you play it” mentality, something that I also share and need to try to follow more myself. If you like the melodic approach to improvising, she is just the gem you were looking for. Her teaching is very precise and slow so that a lot of people can jump on the train of jazz, something that many think is only left for the jazz purists. She is very approachable and is active in her social media platforms and interacts with viewers (and other channels) actively. Go check her out! Almost 80 000 subscribers can’t be wrong!

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Example lesson:


  1. Kent Hewit

Kent Hewit is a great jazz pianist and was already an accomplished jazz piano teacher at prestigious music schools in even before he started his jazz education channel in 2015. So you know he is the real deal. You can see he has the experience to teach since he can channel a lot of his knowledge to different target groups depending on their skill level. His approach is unique and humorous, he always starts the lessons with an “anecdote from life” or a funny joke. His playing is precise and clear, so is his teaching. He uses simple production materials and nothing fancy but the quality of his videos is in their educational values. If you like this no gimmick approach to teaching, Kent is your man!

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced

Example lesson:


  1. Gjermund “” Sivertsen

Gjermund Sivertsen aka. “” is an accomplished jazz pianist from Norway. I was quite amazed at the density of knowledge of each of his YouTube videos when I first saw them. Even though they are intended as a gateway to his course they certainly are the real deal. He is not holding back to any nuances that you might need to master each sub-genre of jazz piano both involving performance and technique. His videos are of the highest production value and so is his playing. If you want to learn jazz piano as a professional, semi-professional, hobby pianist or amateur, he is the man for you. He has programs that are tailor-made for each skill level. He is very active with his social community and answers fast and regularly. A professional channel from a professional jazz pianist. He has tons of compositions lessons and his playing style is very finessed , with the great spice of the Nordic jazz musical culture. Check him out!

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Professional

Example lesson:


The “oldschool” jazz piano tutorial channels (5-7)


  1. Tom from 7notemode (Tom from 7notemode)

Tom aka. 7notemode is and amazing jazz pianist. If you want to get into the great advanced improvisational field, you have to look at Tom’s tutorial videos. His approach is posting videos of himself playing where you can see the the notes through a midi keyboard displayed on the screen. If that is your style to learn then you cannot get a better source of material. His style palette is wide and he knows how to break down complex improvisational techniques into chewable pieces. His sense of space and motives is very good and he is showing it all out for free. He is one of the pioneers in the field and has been on YouTube since 2006! Support him and check his channel out!

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Lesson example:


  1. Roger “Lot2learn” Friedman

Roger Friedman aka. Lot2Learn is an iconic “oldschool” jazz piano teaching platform as 7notemode (and jazz2511). It uses the same principles – a midi keyboard is displayed that shows you through midi output what Roger is doing on the piano. He is a gigging jazz pianist as well as a YouTube educator so check out his duo, trio and quintet settings through his bio on his channel. Definitely check out Roger if you like the teaching method!

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Lesson example:

  1. Doug “jazz2511” McKenzie

Doug McKenzie aka. jazz2511 on YouTube is a retired jazz teacher that still has the spike to teach and share his knowledge to intermediate and advanced jazz pianists. His approach is both melodic and harmonic. On top of the midi keyboard on screen, Kenny utilizes “live” notation that scrolls along as he is playing further expanding his teaching platform to cover those who like seeing the actual notation as well as the other people who like the midi keyboard. He is a true “jazz cat” and you can learn tons from the vast amount of jazz standards found on his channel. Go check Kenny out, you will not be disappointed.

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Lesson example:



This was my main list. Here are some other interesting channels:

  1. (Improvisation and ear training)
  2. (Piano improvisation)
  3. (Piano improvisation)
  4. (Piano improvisation and theory)
  5. (Music theory)
  6. (Rock history, music theory (also advanced), podcasts, interviews, improvisation skills, music related topics)
  7. (The “Vsauce” of music, music theory, bass lessons, music and music science related topics, gig vlog)



I hope you liked this list,

Sibil from Sibiljazzpiano


Copyright © 2017-2018 Sibil Yanev. All Rights Reserved

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