HUGE changes coming to the blog!

Hey! I have an announcement to make regarding this blog. I have been preparing and making two major things for the past few months. One is a lesson series for my current students and for online students / people interested as well. The lessons will be made into a e-book. The amount of lessons will be quite astonishing. I have developed a very detailed curriculum for piano. I have tried to focus on students that are self-taught as well as “traditional” students. I want to use different methods to get the “main point” across in as little text/info as possible. I want to teach how one can teach themselves instead of just showing what to do and when.

I will post the drafts/online versions here so i can get some feedback from you guys! Later on the lessons will have exercises attached to them as well. I will also choose two persons from the ones that have given feedback and they will win a free online/live lesson! I will post the lessons as I make them. You will thus have a chance to get a peek at the lessons for free. I have been planning to use the lessons on another platform as well as a subscription-based service. Link to the lessons (and to the feedback) below.

So far there are 5 lessons from the first part (5 parts in total) and over 50 lessons and sub-lessons. . I am developing and writing the lessons at the moment and will post them when they are ready. The feedback period will last throughout March 2019.

The other thing I am working on are the MIDI lessons and a whole curriculum / learning method surrounding that. I am in talks with some developers to make a good platform for the service so will be in touch with that later.

Other than that I am planning on continuing with the Jazz Composer Profiles project, the iRealPro project (aiming to finish the playlist by the end of this month) and I have an exiting new project coming up next moth as well. I have added a media page as well and you can contact me for lessons / song tutorials/ gigs via the page as well.

I have also created a web portal for my live/online students and their respective folders will appear there as well (containing all their lesson material).

Exciting times!!!

(c) Sibil Yanev 2019

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