About “The Playlist” and “Musicalization”


“The Playlist”

“The playlist” (P) is a project within my blog. It consists of 3 Spotify playlists with 50 songs in each. The playlists are organised by genre and consist of the three main genres that I listen to – classical, jazz and hip-hop. The subgenres are romantic classical (piano) music, post-60 piano jazz and western underground hip-hop.

This is the place where you can expand your Classical / Jazz / Hip-Hop encyclopedia. With jazz I will focus mainly on the jazz piano side of jazz since that is my main instrument. I try to add some “less known” artists to the list as well.  Under each genre I have selected a number of 50 artists and composers with their respective lists. The artists are numbered both on the list and in the playlist for easy reference.

This is part of a dual project with the other project being presenting one artist from each genre at a time. It is called Musicalization (M).



Musicalization (M) is a project within my blog . It will have several parts (chapters) and I will be focusing on three main music genres in this project – Classical (mainly from the romantic era), Jazz (piano) and (underground) Hip-Hop. In every chapter I will shortly present one artist (per genre). I will leave the bio as a link and talk more about the artist from my personal perspective. I might give the reader some listening suggestions. Typically there will be 6 songs/album examples that I naturally call a six-pack.

This is a part of a dual project with the other project being categorising all 150 artists (50 per genre) in their respective genre Spotify playlist.  It is called The Playlist (P).


The idea of this dual project is to expand one’s musical vocabulary in the sphere of classical, jazz and hip-hop music. I hope you like the project!

(c) 2018 Sibil Yanev