About Me

About Me

My name is Sibil. I play and teach piano, mainly jazz piano. I have a passion for both music and teaching and want to explore both worlds as much as I can. I play in several bands both as a leader and as a sideman. Besides playing and teaching I am writing a blog and working on several music related projects both within and outside my blog/webpage. Music (and sport) have always helped me cope with the difficulties life sometimes throws at me.

I come from a teacher-family background so teaching and pedagogy were aspects I was immersed in throughout my life. I want to apply everything I know to teaching as well. I value the individualistic approach to each student and don’t shy away from using unique methods in reaching common goals together with my students.

I also compose and arrange different types of music. My main compositional style is close to what is known as “nordic jazz”. Besides jazz I like neosoul, funk, RnB, soul, hip-hop and classical music. Apart for music and writing a blog I play football.

Bio For Media

Born in Bulgaria, Sibil came to Finland as a child. He started playing the piano in his early teens. He has attended the Pop and Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki. He enjoys using creativity and imagination in every aspect of his work and private life.

He is currently gigging, working as a musician within for the city of Helsinki and teaching piano privately. Apart for music related hobbies Sibil plays football and likes to read.



Piano Students

Sibil is a very talented musician and an excellent teacher.Im highly recommending him.Very nice person too.😊

Mira, piano student

I have absolutely loved every lesson I’ve had with Sibil. We do things a bit different than normal lessons and it’s so cool how he adapts to all the improv I ask him to do. Every lesson we take a familiar base song that I love and then improvise around it. It’s really inspiring to learn from him. Would recommend to anyone looking to push their piano skills further. 🙂

Chichi, piano student

Gig Organizers

Thanks again for playing! The songs were swinging nicely and a special thanks for the fitting sax playing. The tempos were great for dancing and there was a nice variarity with the song selection.

Minna, gig organizer
(“Tuesday Night Hop” gig with Eleganza)

The band was amazingly flexible – all worked without any problems even though there were changes in the program. The sets were just what we hoped for. There was a lot of variarity and the style of the songs fitted the mood of the event perfectly. Technically the playing was outstanding. Thank you Eleganza!

Silja, gig organizer
(“Kotka Marine Museum” gig with Eleganza)

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