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Trio Eleganza


My main current project is a collaboration with my friend and singer/trumpet/ guitar player (he can also plays the drums, bass and piano!) Javier Leung or shortly just Jay. We started playing last year after we met at a jam session. Slowly we noticed our musical ideas and styles were very similar so we started jamming as a duo on several occasions. Later bass players Javier Sanchez Perez and Elias Koivulehto have joined on bass on different occasions and we have formed  Trio Eleganza  with the latter one. We have collaborated with other friends and musicians like Anni Thomsson and Chris Holtslag and are eager to do more projects with more people.

Our style is simplistic but lyrical swing, cool jazz, bossa and soft jazz that is easy to the ears and to the heart. We play both original compositions and standards with our own personal touch.  We are very open to all kinds of genres and styles and that is why this such a dear project to me!

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Sibil Photo Edited 1
Jay & Sibil feat. Anni Thomsson and Javer Sanchez / Live @ Red Conception Gallery / Photo: Essi Orpana



Other bands I play / have played in:


  • Friction Swing – An amateur level but accomplished jazz dance band I have been leading. We play swing music mainly for swing dancers.
  • Friction – Mostly the same people as in Friction Swing led by our sax player Chris. We play latin, soul, jazz and funk music.
  • Polirytmi – This is the Aalto University jazz association. We play all kinds of music from traditional Finnish songs to funk, soul and party music without forgetting the jazz of course.
  • Leevi Koskinen Collective – This is a band formed by drummer Leevi Koskinen that I have done a few gigs with.


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