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My main current project is a collaboration with my friends Javier (Jay) Leung, Anni Thomsson, Väinö Valli and Elias Koivulehto  called Eleganza.

Eleganza , founded in 2018,  is a music group that plays jazz, soul, r&b and funk both as a background band and as a dance band. If you like music ranging from sophisticated jazz ballads through swingable Lindy Hop music all the way to full-blown party funk, we are the band to ask for!

We are five players altogether in the band and can play as a whole band or in different smaller setting such as duos, trios and quartets. We can also feature other musicians from our wide variety of people we know. Just ask us – we are sure we can help you out with any band need you might have!

Band members:

  • Sibil Yanev (band leader) piano, melodica
  • Anni Thomsson– saxophones, vocals
  • Javier “Jay” Leung – guitar, trumpet, vocals
  • Väinö Valli – drums, cello
  • Elias Koivulehto – acoustic bass, electric bass, vocals

We are very open to all kinds of genres and styles and that is why this such a dear project to me!

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Other bands I play / have played in:


  • Friction Swing – An amateur level but accomplished jazz dance band I have been leading. We play swing music mainly for swing dancers.
  • Friction – Mostly the same people as in Friction Swing led by our sax player Chris. We play latin, soul, jazz and funk music.
  • Polirytmi – This is the Aalto University jazz association. We play all kinds of music from traditional Finnish songs to funk, soul and party music without forgetting the jazz of course.
  • Leevi Koskinen Collective – This is a band formed by drummer Leevi Koskinen that I have done a few gigs with.