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The art of not being perfect

The art of not being perfect This year I started attending jazz jams with much better musicians than me . What I noticed is that people don’t care if you play wrong notes or make mistakes.  What they care about is your stage awareness and your (music) communications skills with other musicians and with the... Continue Reading →

New “Jazz Composer Profile” made – Horace Silver

I wrote a new "Jazz Composer Profile". This is part 2 of the series and is about Horace Silver. It is much shorter than the previous one and is more straightforward.  I hope you like it! Here is the link : (JCP) Part 2 - Horace Silver (c) 2018 Sibil Yanev

iRealPro Project Recap August 2018

  During August 2018 I added some songs to the playlist (over 550 so far) and started learning melodies and recording mini-videos with the them (12 so far, found as a playlist on my YouTube and FB channels). Little by little the project is moving forward! (c) 2018 Sibil Yanev

The perfect music teacher – you barely need him/her

The perfect music teacher - you barely need him/her The “system” The whole western traditional education involves a teaching-learning cyclic routine in which information is incrementally increased. It is a system that is made for the masses from a bureaucratic and statistical point of view : easy to quantify results and thus progression. While not... Continue Reading →

New project started called “Jazz Composer Profiles”

Hey! I have started a new music project named "Jazz Composer Profiles" where I go through the compositions of jazz composers. I hope you will like it. As a gateway to the project I have done a deeper analysis  of Wayne Shorter's compositions. Future parts of the projects will be lighter and mainly just present... Continue Reading →

Should we play bebop or Neo Soul jazz?

Should we play bebop or neo soul jazz?     The short answer is both. The long answer involves popular trends throughout history, the clash of generations and the need to preserve aural and harmonical tradition. A few weeks ago I was reading the opening blog post (30.1.2015, Jazzpresso) on, a site created to... Continue Reading →

The jazz singer/pianist combo

The jazz singer/pianist combo A list of my top 5 favourite singer/pianist combos   The art of singing Before we get into the list I want to dwell on what makes the piano/vocal combo so unique. I think the human voice is the purest form of musical expression and is probably the first melodic “instrument”... Continue Reading →

Abstract and applicable practice

What is abstract or applicable practice? I want to talk about two types of practice concepts that I have been thinking about – "Abstract" and "Applicable" practice. I don't want to emphasize those exact words strongly, it is just the terminology I decided to use. So take everything with a grain of salt. By abstract... Continue Reading →

YouTube Jazz Piano Education – Recommendations for 2018

Sibiljazzpiano's recommendations for jazz piano education related YouTube content for 2018 Are you a student of jazz piano and want to expand your palette of content of jazz piano education? Or are you just an admirer of (piano) jazz and are curious where you can find all that nitty and gritty information out there on... Continue Reading →

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