What is the Jazz Composer Profiles project?

The “Jazz Composer Profiles” (JCP) project is a project I started in autumn 2018 where I present the compositions of jazz composers (and naturally the composers themselves). I like to do research myself on the origins of different compositions (mainly jazz songs that have become standards in the genre) and figured out it would be interesting to do a segment for each composer that I run into. That way the reader might find interesting new horizons but also I have incentive to do research on the composers.

There are so many jazz standards I had no idea are connected to a certain composer so I get to learn a lot by doing the project as well! I also learn the subjects more deeply as I have to gather my thoughts and reflections in writing.

I also am adding a Spotify playlist to all the presented composers. My main focus with choosing the compositions is the iRealPro Jazz 1350 playlist. I have more than 50 composers planned so it is going to be a long series. I hope you will like it!

(c) 2018 Sibil Yanev