Song Tutorials

What are song tutorials?

A great way to learn any song is to visually see what is going on on the keyboard. That is why I have developed song tutorials for my students. You can choose to have it with a backing track, a click track or just “plain” solo piano. You can see the melody, chords and bass or the left hand and right hand in different colors (of your choice). The genre and song choice is entirely up to you. I can also supplement you with MIDI and/or audio material if you have the appropriate programs that can read multiple MIDI channels (for left/right hand).

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to physically meet your teacher but are getting almost the same amount of tutoring and plenty more materials. It is the best of both worlds for busy people that want to learn in their own time. Ideal for checking things on your phone and/or tablet on the go as well. I usually make the tutorials within a few days.

Click on the pic below to request a song tutorial and I will get back to you shortly!

Examples of song tutorials:

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